Historically, the SBDC has played a role in counseling and training, to equip our clients to be competitive in the government contracting arena. With changing market conditions and new opportunities arising in our vicinity, however, we are significantly expanding this role. For several months now, we have been aware that Toyota USA is moving their headquarters to Plano, TX in 2015-16. This will create around 8,500 new manufacturing jobs, and a host of potential new work for construction clients and others.

Upon hearing that Austin Commercial, a major area construction contractor, was going to undertake a wide variety of construction work on the Toyota project, Skip Masters, Government Contracting SBDC Business Advisor, took the lead in contacting Austin Commercial and touting the capabilities of several SBDC construction clients as possible subcontractors on the Toyota work. Among them are AWM Global (Veronica Parker), Gadberry Construction, (Dustin Gadberry), and CorpCare Services (Mark Massey). These leading clients, with others to be added later, could provide new job opportunities for our clients, as well as significant economic dollars.

There is nothing preventing the SBDC to venture into new market opportunities if the opportunity is clearly there. Skip found great enthusiasm for his idea from Simeon Terry, Austin Commercial Director of Diversity affairs for Austin Commercial. Several productive meetings have been held among the principals, and we suspect that significant new economic opportunities among our clients, as we expand our horizons and act as intermediary in clearly positive situations like this. All of our business advisors will be more proactive in uncovering and exploiting such opportunities where our involvement can play a significant role and open new doors for our clients.