Donna Watts

Business Advisor

Government Contracting Small Business Development Center

As Business Advisor for the Government Contracting Small Business Development Center, Watts is responsible for identifying federal, state and city procurement opportunities, one-on-one counseling and classroom instruction.

Prior to joining the SBDC, Watts acquired 23 years of experience in the telecom industry where she worked for Western Electric, AT&T, Lucent Technologies and Tyco Industries. Throughout this time, she was recognized for implementing successful strategies in the areas of cost savings, process creation and development training.

Her mission is to help small companies and assist businesses with the attainment of government contracts.   Her goal is to streamline the process and give clients the most relevant information regarding the government contracting process.  Donna is well known as the “area authority” for the System Award Management (SAM) and is the subject matter expert on this vital contracting database.

Watts has an undergraduate degree in Business Management from Le Tourneau.